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Infinity PlusOne Infinity PlusOne Soundcloud Species Unknown

∞+1 (Infinity PlusOne)

A relaxed soundwave creator of an unknown species or origin... Plays a multitude of electronic & acoustic and most decidedly esoteric physical instruments, as well as meta-instruments. Some of these rarley played instruments have been atuned to work on activating many previously dormant brain functions in a wide variety of Animal, Fish & allegedly a few Insect species too, although whether any Insects could be affected has not been assertianed by the latest Babel Translator Algorithms... No-one this far away from the Neutral Zone has ever been known to have met this quiet shy being, this is as far as our current gathered knowledge goes on this stardate...
Cisco Kid Cisco Kid Soundcloud Earthling

(DJ) Cisco Kid

Cisco Kid is the golden boy of the planet his music prompted us to press his release "Shiva" onto CD and deservedly so. The track is a euphoric house epic that builds up to a great peak, remixes were done by MIZERA. URBAN SCAVENGER & KoPi each with their own take on the piece. A veritable feast of delightful sounds unbounded
S.Y. Defects S.Y. Defects Soundcloud Cardassian

S.Y. Defects

A seasoned producer of many precisely formed pieces has output on BF Recordings(Germany), also appeared as a collaborator on one of the Betamorph Recordings "Dubstepper's For Haiti" Charity Albums, and has appeared by transport beam to Pi Inc. Planet! He presses buttons a lot, is known to be an occasional singer & rapper too.....
Genevieve Genevieve Soundcloud Triskelion


S.Y. Defects(above) has a partner in crime & life & music, She is Genevieve, a singer/songwriter/novelist who has graced some of his work, with he sublime voice and has a sackful of songs herself, check her soundcloud profile for sonic treats.
Mizera Mizera Soundcloud Bolian


This ultra talented maestro hails from San Francisco. His adept skills in breaking new ground in bass orientated musicforms are unparalleled. His techniques are finely crafted with his attention to detail and his use of dramatic arrangements convey a strong sense of energy and Jedi force. He has appeared on the compilation "Me & Thee - Remixes and Collaborations"(PI-INC 009) where he collaborated with Pigeon Inc. on 2 to intricate tracks of Dubstep originals...
Pigeon Inc. Pigeon Inc. Soundcloud Tea

Pigeon Inc.

Is Teaboy. That is all.
Eschaton Eschaton Soundcloud Romulan


A very talented sound designer who runs his own label Omnimusic. He creates immense spaces and subtle synthesiser pads and sweeps within his Liquid Drum & Bass music. His download only album Quantum 1 - Quantization came with a open offer of being remixed, Pigeon Inc. Re-jigged the track "Nucleus" and his version was initially set to appear on one of the CDs of all the choicest remixes on Eschaton's Omnimusic imprint. His Pi Inc. Planet appearance is on the "Me & Thee - Remixes and Collaborations"(PI-INC 009) Me & Thee on Digital-Tunes.com
Synthetic Epiphany Synthetic Epiphany Soundcloud Moonchild

Synthetic Epiphany

Hailing from somewhat of a remote starsystem out beyond the region nearby Galaxy M42. His symphonic arrangements coupled with his strong sense of positive melodies have intensely poised emotive atmospherics. He is a muse with seemingly endless skills with acoustic instruments as well as writing and singing poiniant vocal lines. His output has been very prolific to say the least he has self-released many albums and EP's, appeared on the Dank n' Dirty Dubs label, featuring the female vocalist CoMa whose to-die-for crooning melts steel heartstrings on all her various projects... Synthetic Epiphany's single "Clockwork/Clockwork(alternate mix)" on Pi Inc. Records is dramatic Drum & Bass backed with a sub-heavy Post-Dubstep deeper version on the flipside... He has a full-length album to come too, and has taken the bold decision to remake, rewrite and rebuild it from scratch, because he felt it needed an Audio-Lift before releasing it to the rest of the Alpha Quadrant..... we await holding our breath expectantly.
Soft Wasp Urban Scavenger Soundcloud Earthling

Urban Scavenger

An elusive nomadic wanderer of the galaxy. He finds refuge in the largely dark corners of dark, stark, industrial cityscapes on countless planets and in them he finds inspiration to construct sounds that imitate metropolitan forms. His music is machine-like or mechanical and at times smoldering with dizzying FX and inovative rhythms. His species is a guess based on vague sightings during submission of mastertapes.